These Are The Prizes That You Could Win In This Contest

As explained in the Contest Rules & Guidelines, winners of this year's Deliberate Agrarian Haiku Poetry Contest will be announced on 1 December 2010. There are three age categories in this contest and lots of opportunities to win a prize (14 prizes in all), and I think you’ll agree that these are some distinctly nice prizes. Fact is, I’m sure there has never been a haiku poetry contest with prizes this great! :-)

Adult Category
(18 years old & older)

First Prize
A Planet Whizbang Wheel Hoe

This is the ultimate tool for serious gardeners.  Weed management is so much easier and faster (even enjoyable!) with a Planet Whizbang wheel hoe.

You could make your own deluxe wheel hoe like shown above by purchasing an inexpensive bolt-together metal parts kit from Planet Whizbang, and following the complete, step-by-step photo tutorial at Or you could buy a more expensive, fully-assembled and powder-painted wheel hoe. Or you could simply compose a 3-line, 17-syllable haiku poem and win yourself  one of these wheel hoes, complete with ash handles. Then, bolt the handles on and sally forth to joyfully cultivate your garden.


Second Prize
Red Pig Half Moon Hoe

The Red Pig company makes some nice gardening tools. I have one of these half moon hoes and like it a lot. You will too. You can learn more about this great tool, and the rest of the Red Pig tools, at this link: Red Pig Half Moon Hoe

Third Prize
Homemade Soaps Selection

My wife, Marlene, has been crafting and selling bar soaps for several years under the name, Morning Glory Soapworks. These locally-famous soaps are made with all-natural ingredients and are a delight to the senses. They also lather up nice and get a body clean. Personally, I haven’t used commercial bar soap (or shampoo) for nearly ten years—Marlene’s bar soap is all I need. You won’t find a better, more down-to-earth soap anywhere.

This prize is for four bars (not as many as in the picture) of Morning Glory Soapworks soap. One bar will be Lavender-Calendula, which is my favorite. The other three will be a surprise. You can learn more about Marlene's soaps at this link: Morning Glory Soaps at New Hope Mills 

Fourth Prize
Piggy Back Massage Roller

Garth Fout is a renowned Ohio artist and a real down-to-earth guy. He is remarkably creative (and enterprising) and and I love to go to his online Etsy store. I also enjoy reading his ::foutfolk:: blog.

So when he contacted me and offered one of his "Piggy Back Massage" rollers as a prize in this year's agrarian haiku contest, I was pleased as could be.

Thanks Garth!

Teen Category
(13 to 17 years old)
Due to lack of any teen submissions as of August 25, 
the teen category has been combined with the adult category, 
and the following prizes will be awarded in the adult category 

First Prize
Two Cast Iron Pie Irons With Recipe Book

Campfire pie irons open up a whole new world of fast, easy & fun homemade culinary concoctions, and I'm including the official pie iron cookbook to get you off to the right start.

Check out some pie iron recipes at this link: Pie Iron Recipes

Second Prize
Carla Emery’s Old Fashioned Recipe Book

I’ve been married for 30 years. Back then I had a part-time business cleaning chimneys and worked as a carpenter’s helper full time. Upon hearing that I was going to be getting married soon, one of my chimney cleaning customers presented me with an early wedding present. It was a brand new copy of this now-famous book by the late Carla Emery. Wow. What a nice gift that was! We have read and consulted this book many times over the years. It is truly an encyclopedia of useful down-to-earth information from a woman who really knew what she was doing when it came to hands-on rural living. You can read more about this book at this link: The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Third Prize
The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Thrift is a viable alternative lifestyle. It can also be something of an adventure, not to mention a fun challenge and, in time, financially rewarding. I should also mention that it is just plain good sense.

That said, smart teens will grasp the vision of thrifty living and, with that thought in mind, this book provides plenty of practical how-to information, as well as some great inspiration. I like to give this book as a wedding gift. But it’s really the kind of book that is better read (and the philosophy absorbed) before marriage. You can learn more about this book at this link: The Complete Tightwad Gazette

Fourth Prize
The Back To Basics Book

My teenage years were filled with reading about all kinds of down-to-earth, hands-on projects and then actually pursuing a few of them. Indeed, such interests and activities were the foundation on which, many years later, I developed my Planet Whizbang business. I have an older copy of this book from the 1970’s. It is an inspiring compilation of useful information and you can read more about the book at this link: Back to Basics

Youth Category
(up to 13 years old)

First Prize
Two Cast Iron Campfire Waffle Irons
(with New Hope Mills pancake mix and a jug of maple syrup)

You can use these campfire waffle irons outdoors over a campfire, or indoors over a wood stove fire. If properly seasoned, the cast iron will give you a lifetime of easy waffles and good fun.

Included with this prize will be a bag of pancake mix from my friends at New Hope Mills, and a bottle or real maple syrup.


Second Prize
Two Cast Iron Pie Irons With Recipe Book

This is the same prize I showed above as the first prize in the teen category. Younger kids (maybe with some help from mom and dad) can learn and enjoy the skill of pie iron cooking too. And, of course, I'll also send a copy of the official pie iron cook book.

Check out the pie iron recipes at this link: Pie Iron Recipes

Third Prize
(five winners)
Two Private Eye Loupes on Lanyards

When my boys were younger, I bought several of these Private Eye loupe magnifying glasses and we had a lot of fun with them. One of the things we did was go  outside, lay on the lawn and spend some time taking a very close look at the grass, the soil underneath, seeds, decayed vegetation, and various forms of living creatures in that practically-forgotton world right under our feet.  Included with the two loupes on lanyards will be the Private Eye "Five Fun Steps" book. 

I think the Private Eye concept of using loupes to explore the unseen and unappreciated natural world all around us is one of the most exciting and brilliant educational ideas I know of. Here's an excerpt about the Private Eye is all about:
The Private Eye is a hands-on learning process that rivets the eye and rockets the mind. Using everyday objects, The Private Eye’s easy questioning strategy, and an almost magical tool, a jeweler’s loupe, you’ll accelerate concentration, critical thinking and creativity — for all ages and all ability levels, K-16, through life.

Day by day, in the arts or the sciences, you’ll build close observation skills linked to the mental muscle of “thinking by analogy.”  Learners write, draw and theorize at higher levels than they have before. With The Private Eye you’ll develop minds into self-propelling engines of creative insight. So join us, along with millions of students and teachers. Discover new worlds. Magnify minds.  

You can learn more about everything to do with the Private Eye at this link: The Private Eye

Please note that there will be five winners in this category and each winner will get two Private Eye loupes with two lanyards and the book.